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define failure for lexhansplace

What is your DEFINITION of the word FAILURE?
How do you OVERCOME it?

These are 2 major questions that go hand in hand with each-other when we discuss our success and difficulties in navigating the ride of life , but the question is as simple as the image i made...

WHAT and HOW?....   Join the discussion and drop your views on this one..LEGOOOOOO!!!!

P.S: After a long week, this is wishing you all a Happy Weekend and the best rest possible... *TGIF*

XOXO till the next post.

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  1. Failure can be so many things, but tend to be fairly resilient and don't struggle too much with the fear of failure. I guess failure for me would be not meeting my own standards for either behaviour or action.

  2. Failure as an experience... I've heard something like this: Failure is a success IF we learn from it! It's the ability to learn from mistakes or not positive experiences.

    1. hmmm, good here, success if we learn from it.

  3. I think failure is letting yourself down. If you know that you tried your hardest but the end result wasn't what you wanted, I wouldn't call that failure.

    1. letting yourself down...this is failure... doing your best but it turns out the required best... sometimes we can say this is still failure as the main goal wasn't achieved.

  4. to me failure is giving up when not dued. So i Never give up

  5. Failure. In my opinion, it is when you chose to see it as such. When you feel not being enough and not having your goals met,just see it as a lesson.
    Move on and set up New goals.
    Everything happens for a reason.

    1. yes Kallia, everything happens for a reason.

  6. Failure is giving up, resisting, yelling (for no good reason), and taking it out on others. But failure is also temporary and no one has to stick around there for long!

  7. Failure for me are the little bumps that you hit while you're on your way to success. There are different kinds of failure but it's important to know how to overcome them so that you can continue with your journey. If you let failure get to you though, that could really drag you down.

  8. According to me, the definition of failure is a challenge! If you fail once, it's not the end you have to challenge yourself to do better and greater things in life!

  9. I consider failure not being able to achieve something that I've been working on. Now that I have written that down I realise I don't know how to define failure hmmm interesting!


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