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Health benefits of Wonder-Kola..

Here are some remedial point of interest of Wonderful Cola and its uses as an energetic cure to diverse kind of ailments.

#1. FOR THE TREATMENT OF IMPOTENCY Get 3 Wonderful cola, cut it into pieces, get prepared with hot (neighborhood gin) for 2 days, after that take a shot glass before breakfast and one after supper in the night for 3 days.

#2. FOR THE TREATMENT OF EAR DISEASE Grind a cola with hot (neighborhood gin) or water for a day, the next day, put 2 drops in each ear.

#3. FOR THE TREATMENT OF EYE WORM Grind the cola and spot towards your sight for a couple of minutes, 3 times every day.

#4. FOR THE TREATMENT OF TYPHOID N MALARIA Get 4 magnificent cola, 4 ginger, 4 serious cola, cut them into pieces and get prepared with 2 containers of 7up for 2 days. Grown-up: 2 spoonful, adolescents: 1 tablespoon.

#5. FOR THE TREATMENT OF TOOTHACHE Get 1 cola, pound and put inside ogogoro (neighborhood gin) for a couple of minutes, then put in your mouth for 3 minutes.

#6. FOR THE TREATMENT OF WORMS Get 2 sublime cola, pulverize and put in tonic water for 2 days. Grown-up: 2 tablespoon and Children: 1 tablespoon, 2 times step by step.

#7. FOR THE TREATMENT OF RHEUMATISM Get 4 sublime cola, 4 ginger, 5 sharp cola, 2 gator pepper, little iyere flavor, fragrance leaf, pound together and get prepared with hot. Take 2 spoon in the morning and during the evening.

#8. FOR THE TREATMENT OF GONORRHEA Wonderful cola, potash, tobacco leaf, 15 ampicilin cases, get prepared with alcohol. Take 2 spoon in the morning and around night time.

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#9. FOR THE TREATMENT OF CHOLERA Buy 3 awesome cola, get prepared with lime press and fragrance juice for 2 days. Grown-up, 2 spoon; adolescents, 1 spoon 4 times consistently.

#10. FOR THE TREATMENT OF WHIT-LOW Grind 1 awesome cola and put in lime juice to age, put your affected finger in it for 10 minutes. Do it again and again, it will vanish.

#11. FOR THE TREATMENT OF Cough cut around five bits of awesome kola and another five bits of astringent kola place it in a holder and fill it water grant to develop for a day.


#12. FOR THE TREATMENT OF CHEST PAIN Buy 4 to 5 bits of extraordinary cola slice it to pieces and spot it in a compartment add water to it and license to develop for a day, then take a short three time step by step

#13. FOR THE TREATMENT OF WAIST PAIN Get 3 to 4 bits of famous cola cuts and spot it in a holder and license to age for a day, and after that take one glass for morning and night step by step.

#14. FOR THE TREATMENT OF IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION Get 4 bits of famous kola cut it and spot it in a holder and pounded ginger into it and fill the compartment with water grant developing before taken, one short twice consistently.

#15. FOR THE TREATMENT OF INTERNAL PILE Add lime juice to 5 bits of cut prominent kola and grant developing for a day. By then take a short twice consistently.

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