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Top Tech Blogger Miah Michaels escape death...

TOP‎ Tech blog Miah Michaels escape death...

miah micheals

From the post we see above and below, Miah Michaels Owner of techblog TECHVILLAZ narrates his story s he escaped death by the smallest thread possible...
*exclusive and direct conversation with him and no changes in words*(in trauma our words can have loads of typos)

See his chat with our rep here @lexhansplace below..

Lexhansplace: Hello Miah... can u speak on how it all happened?

Miah: well, it was a gud day.. d day started peacefully,  ‎some hours later d weather changed, it started drizzling from drizzling to a heavy rain but d rain stopped some minutes later suddenly, it came back again dis time around more heavy n troubling wit scary wind, thunder n lightning‎, i was inside d house with my aunt n younger bro.

Lexhansplace: After that what happened again, cos I see picture of debris n a large chunk of stone

Miah: I left my aunt room to enter parlour wen I suddenly heard a loud sound of forceful destruction, what happened? d heavy rain n its wind has forcefully removed someone else's roof n landed it on our compound, almost to killed to my 3big dogs.

Lexhansplace: So sorry about that, but I hope no loss of life or major damages?

Miah: sorry, almost to kill my 3big dogs, d impact of d roof destroyed simethings dat was outside d compound, my pawpaw three got uprooted by force. n suddenly, a big stone came off from our roof almost to hit me on my head but thanks to God it was a near miss. no lost of life but d properties of d owner of roof has been messed up by d rain, ‎worst of worst, they were not @home but their kids were.

Lexhansplace: ‎Hopefully things get better wen they get back home...

Miah: yes... am ok. Jut little shock that's all..

Lexhansplace: ok brother. God be with you and the kids around, and please have a watchful eye on the kids till the parents are back...

Miah: I will..

Lexhansplace: thanks for your time.

more pictures below...

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