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Infertility in Men..

Reasons for INFERTILITY IN MEN....

- Using steroid-this causes the testicles to backlash in this way rendering the man vain.

- Malnutrition and sickliness.

- Wearing tight pants and boxers-this reasons fruitlessness by reducing the era of sperm as a result of the glow made by the tight dress, this glow impacts the scrotum unfavorably.

- Lots of excellent workouts-Too a lot of high phenomenal movement is fit for rendering a man unproductive as this causes the body to convey stacks of adrenal steroid hormones, which then cause a testosterone deficiency.

infertilty for lexhansplace

- Smoking– this basically decreases both sperm number and sperm cell motility, which is the ability to move abruptly and viably.

- A drawn out usage of pot and other recreational drugs.

- Chronic alcohol abuse.

- Lack of adequate vitamin C and Zinc in the eating administration

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  1. thanks for sharing this. its important men read this

    1. Am sure a lot of dem av read dis..... Dey knw abt it .... Or r yet to knw/read it....

  2. Good for all men to take note. Thanks for sharing

  3. Replies
    1. Most def.... Loads have taken note...

      Tnx for stopping by

  4. Thanks for sharing this good idea


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