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Don't throw STONES...

Dat Moment when d sins of ur past comes back to HUNT you....

'Don't throw stones' Not only If you live in a glass house, if you don't live in one yet You may end up owning one someday...

#Word... Happy Sunday peeps..
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  1. Really cool right up bro.....u killed it

  2. Amazing post! ♥

    1. little girl, am glad this is useful to you, your id says little.. cute i say...tnx for stopping by

  3. Sometimes.....the stones can be aimed at a glass heart as well.!

  4. Gone were those years when I didn't know what the words meant...our consciousness should always come when we are about throwing stones

    Goodmrning dear

  5. it been said, those in glass house, should not throw stones. #word


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