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Am proudly Nigerian n African......what about u?

Are you African?

An area rich in minerals and assets. Without a doubt the wealthiest mainland on the planet. Yet we are named the poorest landmass as measured by GDP per capita.

- I wouldn't accuse our pioneers per say( despite the fact that we've had a decent amount of mentally tested pioneers), I would reprimand ourselves.

- Our state of mind towards others is what's slaughtering us. We ought to have the propensity for helping one another inwardly, mentally, profoundly and physically. In any case, rather we begrudge other individuals' prosperity, we make pointless strain, we fill our musings and activities with shrewdness.

- I long for a united Africa. A spot where race, religion and ethnicity shouldn't be a boundary yet rather an impetus for advancement. I long for a united Africa....a place we can call home.

- My name is Obianuju Anthony Alexander Olanrewaju Danjuma Menkiti and I'm proudly Igbo and proudly Nigerian and proudly African.....

What about u?...

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  1. Choi, am yoruba, am Nigerian and am African. Hope you don't expect me to say all this? Lol

    Sup with you? You wan kill person with BCs oooo

    Ehen na all the names for all tribes you dey bear ni? You are a true Nigerian

  2. Chinco.... Truly am Nigerian.... For d bc's? Lol....

    Hw av u been?

  3. Huh! All that names for you
    I am Yoruba, proudly Islander, Lagosian, Nigerian and fully blooded African

  4. @bolatito, yes they are all mine....

    am glad knowing i have some friends who are lagosians..


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