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Motivation without useful and proper planning equals frustration... UPDATED!!!

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Motivation without planning equals frustration...

- The strongest PEOPLE are the simplest. 

- PEOPLE love everybody, but move with the movers. 

- Reasonable set of PEOPLE establish clear lines of authority. 

- PEOPLE do what you inspect, not what you expect. 

- Successful PEOPLE recognize and reward effort.

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spice route for lexhansplace

Join the celebrations this weekend as Spice Route have line up activities for their 3rd year anniversary in the hospitality/nightlife industry. This Friday Spice Route will be celebrating with the glow in the dark party "Electrify the Night" supported by Belvedere Vodka .

Come experience the best music from House, Alternative and Afrobeats, a great atmosphere and good vibes at Spice Route this Friday. The host on the night is Jimmie and the music policy will be by DJ Factor.

36 Adeola Odeku Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
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We find fault when love dies.

#we find fault when love dies.

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Fame !!! it has its good and bad side. **UPDATED FOR MORALS**.

Fame !!! it has its good and bad side.

 fame!!! it has its good and bad side

Fame has its cost.

What do i define fame as?

(The state of being known or discussed by numerous individuals, particularly because of striking accomplishments or qualities. )

e.g "being a blogger has brought me distinction and fortune"

Equivalent words you can use to qualify the same attributes includes: fame, big name, fame, ubiquity, conspicuousness; note, refinement, regard, significance, account, outcome, enormity, greatness, distinction, stature, notoriety, reputation, ignominy to name but a few.

As the expression goes subsequently!!! Fame a word used to characterize or portray a demonstration of being well known..

Cost? To me here is the ideal regard for something an individual is included in, positive or negative.

You ever known about fame as it has a cost to pay, whether great or terrible? If not then I'l recommend you quickly forward and get down to function as to realizing that a considerable measure accompanies being surely understood and renowned. 


*Ngozi is an understudy of a Higher Institution here in Nigeria, she's savvy, shrewd, good and a bright provider yet what is her issue?. Her great qualities made her known by individuals who went to her every-time as the ideal opportunity for help, yet a day came and Ngozi had the remainder of all desires as she must be in the same class as she has regularly being or significantly all the more better to set up a decent persona.

You'll ask me for what valid reason? I'l let you know.

As a cheerful giver that she seems to be, she came in contact with a course-mate of hers who required help in studies and assignments severely that Ngozi was her just alternative, Ngozi being nice and sensible, acknowledged to help her companion yet got more than she bargained.... How and why you perusing this may ask, Ngozi got to her companion/course-mates house for teachings just however to figure out a huge house was sitting tight for her for the single reason which was arranged with simply her coursemate.

Being her normal self, didn't decline regardless of the fact that she knew many individuals will conflict with, for example, it wasn't arranged. ( I no go gree for that kind arrangee if na me).

She got serious, taught everybody there as seen and not arranged and all were fulfilled by it all.... Presently she made new companions there excessively including a certain young lady who needed a keen mind to dependably do her task and test for her..'I have discovered my prosperity course, said the new young lady'.

What do you expect when you are one of the best brains in your specialty. Here is where the issue began..

Sit tight and get a chill as its reasonable and straight to the point for answers and end of story.

''''Ok, here it is. In the wake of showing the said group and getting a companion among them, she turned out to be excessively tasked, making it impossible to acknowledge showing her even against her own calendar supposing it was OK (to remain the great young lady and not seen as awful by individuals who now consider her to be great).

She needed to acknowledge and started giving the new young lady private tutorship, this proceeded for more than 3months and soon Ngozi began loosing spotlight on her studies, herself and loads more and she got totally diverted by this improvement and to clear her effectively, she didn't see that her aggregate consideration in attempting to keep up the prevalence of being the great young lady instructor cut her evaluations down cosmically till the end of semester and her outcomes stunned her.

She was canceled and advised her issues yet at that point It was late and she could do nothing about it any more except for keep up her great young lady identity.... This happened till a decent companion of hers took it upon himself to tell her that she needed to get genuine and face reality and recover her exhibitions..

This she did and soon enough her performances began returning up... What happened to the young lady she was instructing? Her male companion prompted her to claim up and open up to the young lady that her time taking was influencing her and that they expected to re-devise another means for tutoring, this the young lady acknowledged and soon enough they both were teaching one another and they turned out to be best of companions as other had surrendered her when her evaluations and exhibitions had dropped.


1. Never you attempt to dependably awe individuals.

2. Fame and Prominence accompanies a cost either great or awful mostly in the meantime.

3. Figure out how to pick your companions not the other path round.

4. Keep running from companions who turn into yours when in need and far from you when you are in need.

5. At long last, keep a little network circle of friends and you'll be great and better off as a human..


on the off chance that the story above has any reaction from you in connection to anybody you know (leXHansplaCE) stands to say it is for Inspirational reason as this story was fictioned straight from my psyche for the above reason, the names and situations are likewise fictions for peruser's utilization.
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Ovarian Cancer... did you know?

Time over time we tend to ask a lot of questions to our HEALTH and when we do, we forget to ask the smallest and tiniest detail. and this brings to mind the issue of OVARIAN CANCER as we also discussed about another type of CANCER. please do try also to read about the BREAST/BLOSSOM CANCER.

Same as every other disease and ailment, did you know that.!!!
ovarian cancer for lexhansplace
Ovarian Cancer

The Risk elements of OVARIAN CANCER are expanded by some of the few mentioned below:

Age, Family history and Obesity to mention but a few?. I bet you never knew of this. Right? now lets get a little read in on it and see the dangers these 3 above pose to human health.


Danger of ovarian growth increments with age of the lady


1 in every 20 ovarian cancer patients are the consequence of heredity, as a few disease we know of today are moved or carried on from generation to generation due to one faulty gene or the other passed on from the parent to offspring and here is one that falls into that lot.


It is clearly stated and documented that women with higher body mass in pre-menopause has a higher risk of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

SO ALSO, Don't forget that as concurred by specialists, the unmistakable side effects of ovarian growth include: - determined pelvic and stomach torment - expanded stomach size or diligent bloating - trouble eating and feeling full rapidly.

recommended: please read about BREAST CANCER HERE
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As we set foot into the New Month and the EMBER endings of the year... May the blessings of God be with You and Yours now and always.

From lexhansplace to you , its HAPPY NEW MONTH.
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Has your SUN-SET?

Has your SUN-SET?

sunset lexhansplace
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Healthy message for good living.

Healthy message for good living.

When we have a tendency to speak healthy living we have a tendency to raise queries and ask for answers however they're right before people however we ignore the utility of the required healthy ways in which of living at our terribly own price.

As humans everybody needs for a secure and healthy mode not withstanding everyday activities.

Ask yourself? does one do enough for yourself to living healthy? does one settle for enough of your faults and create amends once necessary?

I bet lots of you may answer affirmative however much and visibly the solution is actually NO.

Now let's take a glance at many of those helpful healthy living steps.

Quick Tips that may Improve Your Health And Save Your Life

Wash fruits and vegetables before you cook them. despite however "organic" you're thinking that your food is, you'll ne'er very make certain unless you in person grow it. likelihood is high that your food has are available contact with pesticides, though not whereas being adult, then throughout harvest home however if not then i'll most positively be throughout transit.

Don't skip your daily anti-oxidants. many folks swear by tea lately, whereas still alternative retch at the thought of swallowing what tastes a lot of like putrid rainwater! tea, though, is sweet for your health. A cup of tea day by day, not to mention recent fruits and vegetables, will keep you healthy and forestall polygenic disorder, stroke and even heart issues.

Sugar is one factor lots individuals|of individuals} notice laborious to try and do while not however once I keep in mind the price of this sugar inatke then I raise myself why one earth it still offers people such a lot hunger and need to possess it in meals and drinks.

Cut down on sugars diet. Sugars area unit the final word killers and lead you on the trail of sicknesses. If your appetite does not provide you with any peace, then ideally you must maintain a honey usage instead, i'm somebody who has continually had a very mad love for sugar intake, i however had to chop down thereon and instead go organic simply to still maintain that natural sweetness my taste buds really do yearn for. (Remember going organic and natural in fasting is often the simplest way).

Your Dentition speaks a lot of volume after you area unit in healthiness, why you'll raise. currently I'll take my time out to mention many thereon for you the maximum amount as its required, some say they brush their teeth properly within the morning whenever they take a shower however once I checked it all properly it doesn't seem to be all as you should.

You eat , munch and have an entire heap of snacks and alternative substance bear your mouth all day and night, therefore why would you only ought to brush within the morning and assume that will the magic? No it doesn't in any approach does one smart, curiously, rotten teeth are the reason behind varied health issues, ear infections and even heart issues. Germs that domiciliate rotten teeth will travel through your body wreaking mayhem. an everyday visit to your medical practitioner is a smaller amount scary than the complications that may arise from cherishing your decaying teeth! therefore what do i recommend you are doing for your teeth?

1. Brush daily within the morning before meals and conjointly brush daily in the dark once meals getting to bed}.

2. Avoid mistreatment your precious set of teeth to open will corks, bite of laborious things.
3. Learn to continually get your mouth rinsed/cleaned up straight off you've got any meal in, {reason? therefore on wash of the food remnants to avoid storing them middle as they have a tendency to as a result of took decay and alternative varieties of harm to your teeth and alternative elements of your system}.

4. From time to time, get to go to your medical practitioner for routine medical.

5. create a alternative of a paste with solid content of metallic element and alternative necessary contents permanently teeth.

Workout often. pay at-least on a median twenty to half-hour day by day with any style of exercise - cardiopulmonary exercise and stretches. What profit does one get from this? Workouts get your metabolism up and helps your body operate properly. people that exercise a lot of often area unit known  to measure longer and a lot of healthier than their counterparts.

Over working out and stress: Stress is claimed to be one in every of the worlds most silent life limiting parts and claims a lot of lives than many folks care to admit. it's the basis reason behind several cases of overtime, and might result in unexplained sicknesses that cannot very be diagnosed with ancient medical medicine. slow down on stress and you have taken one in every of the simplest steps to enhance your mode and lengthen your years.

Have you checked your sleep rate? its said that a matured human body needs at most 8 hours of sleep in a space of the usual 24 hours we get in a full day circle. Now its important to know that one who doesn't get a full 8 hours sleep in a day tends to be limiting his healthy living by a large percentage as his focus and attention in his other daily activities will drastically be affected leading to a whole lot of breakdowns in how his body system functions, will function or ought to function. What best do you do to help out in this scenario?. SLEEP. get your 8 hours and if possible get as much as you possibly can get from sleep as in the end of it all it helps your system alot. remember that your systems function is highly at its best at night when you are asleep.

In all reason, make do with these few and see how healthy and strong you turn out to be.

Good luck.
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Cohabitation in our tertiary institutions. Updated.

cohabitation for lexhansplace
Couples today cohabit for numerous reasons, ranging from more time together, financial concerns, and fear of the commitment of marriage or fear of divorce. Others slip into it out of convenience, some want to test their compatibility, while still others are actively rebelling against their parents or ethical upbringing. *(crisismagazine)*

How good does it go for tertiary institutions.

Students are sent to the university to learn and make the best of their Education but when the aim turns negative, what do you get in return.

Someone once said a few of these (They wine and dine together, They read and study together, Th3y do basicaly everything together)

Where are the moral values of our youth?

Is this monster called Cohabitation morally right or wrong?

Do we seat back and watch this ugly trend or norms sweep up our youth?

These are a few questions that came up on a discussion board.

A few of these students are likely going to encounter the following in such situations but at the same time I will like to add, if priorities are set right, they should have no problems or negatives to cohabiting.

Domestic violence is set to be a part of such cohabitation. You ask me why? I will tell you.

Knowing how our youth fall prey to emotions and its ups n downs, there is every chance that at one point or the other one may offend the other be it by word's or actions and they wil go straight to taking law's into their hands to violence and not dialogue as clearly majority of them are young and not well taken on the need to allow dialogue to solve a difference.

Psycological Trauma, without saying much in this one in particular, take a leaf from the violence one suffers and come to terms with the trauma that comes with it.

Unwanted Pregnancy. So long they cohabit, they are bound to get intimate time and again, and a lot of them are not well educated on the goods and bads that comes with s3x, at the end some get pregnant as proper s3xual knowledge wasnt given (females).

STD's. Without the knowledge, you can't known how to protect yourself, you cant know who or how to know the infected persons so diseases and infections come into play and a lot of damages comes with this.

Low Academic performances.  Male and Female students that engages in 'Cohabitation' wrongly find it difficult combining studies and other activities perfectly as clearly the above effect creates room for a lot of distraction which in turn brings the low grades and weak academic performance.

Now the big questios are.

1. Is it right or wrong?

2. How can one balance between this? As clearly you can't stop a male and his female friend (lover) from dating.

Please join the discussion and drop those comments in the section below.
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