Sunday, May 29, 2016

MEN!!! How much Love and Affection is a WOMAN worth to you?

She is your woman and should be treated as one... The amount of affection you show to a woman can never equal that which she will give to you. They are soft natured and deser‎ve the very best in life.

Now can you do all these for her? YES you can, so let\'s check a few of them out below... 

1. When you wrong her, accept defeat, swallow your pride and apologies.

2. When she wrongs you, don\'t make her feel the world is over for her, draw her close and tell her how she went wrong and you both correct it.

3. When she watches your every move, allow her but hold her and look deep into her eye and assure her that she\'s safe.

4. When she acts territorial, relax for she only wants the best for herself and for you.

5. When she doesn\'t call you, make that move and do the calling.

6. When she doesn\'t text you, pick that phone of yours and text her.

7. Tell her you love her time and again, and please always show her that you truly do.

8. When you make your money, divide it into 5 and give her 4, you know why? Your woman plans for you both and financially they know and will help you \'spend n manage your money wisely\'.

9. When she\'s sick, pet her, cuddle her, pay attention to her and give her the world to aid her recovery but don\'t stop there, continue even after she recovers.

10. Always tell her how beautiful she looks in her dress/make-up. Why? You are her mirror and you shouldn\'t allow another man tell her about her good looks.

11. Give her all the time, attention and play she needs. Why? Women love attention like kids.

12. Call her pet-names. 

13. No matter how wrong she offends you, don\'t you ever raise a hand on her. Walk out of the area if you are angry, but still you shouldn\'t be angry for she\'s your woman. (you don\'t want your woman to be scared of you? Do you? ).
14. Treat her like a princess and she\'ll treat you like a prince.‎

15. Buy her gifts always not only on her birthday. 

16. Follow her to the salon to make her new hair.

17. Take her out for dinner once in a while, pay the bills and give her that royal feeling.

18. Follow her to the market and stores for shopping, great couples do things together.

19. Do from 1 to 18 and always remember that she is your woman.

20. If you can do #19, now add more you can do for your woman below.

*note* Celebrate women, (your mum, sisters, aunts, girlfriend, wife) for they need all the love, care and attention they can get..‎

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is it Over-rated? Yes or No... Give reasons (Updated).

Is S** generally over-R'd?

I come to think 'day in day out' that it is not over-R'd as people think of it.. and completely it truly isn't over-R'd generally via my view.

Let's see a definition of mine... (It is coppling between two partners for a purpose of either fun and pleasure, baby making or for reducing or responding to an upsurge in hormones (sensual) in need of control..)

Remember when the likes around misuse its purpose and other erotics involved you put blames on the individuals not on the act itself...

*as the old will say, its for married couples and not for everyone* so why say its over'R'D?.

Honestly we are making it look so because of the educational influence on us... 'Before education, it was there and it happened but as we are giving in so much knowledge of our very own society through our various means of gathering more on education..(Which is completely wrong of us..You don't chase education the way we do now as it is said =too much knowledge of something sometimes confuses your understanding of that very thing you desire knowledge of= )

The knowledge given to us about it becomes questionable that we say its over-R'd... To me its not.. 'Remember its a 2way stuff.. Either the parties involved say yes and do it or say no and don't....'

As always, its in no way over'R'd rather the educational influence is making us say so...

This is so simple and short a piece I had to do after I visited a friends blog and saw people say their different opinions on s** being over-R'd..

*NOTE: My opinion..

so tell me what you think about it.... your honest views please as i will appreciate it in a very massive way.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

T's n Snaps... Cool or Not.

A very good morning to everyone... i hope and believe we all had a fab weekend and that the wind of a new week is real and a blessing to us all?...

Well so long there is life, there is hope and that keeps us going...

These are just a peep through to the lexhansplace T's n Snaps... please do have your say on them...

So let's do it in the comment section:
Cool or Not...
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

what you desire is what you must/can/will get.

Do you remember this quote?‎

*(We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish)*
Tony Robbins‎.

Now in all you do, always have this 4 lessons in mind.
You can change your life for good and make the. Most of it for good.

You can what ever you wish to in life so long. As the hunger to do it is there.

You can have all you desire in this world of ours so long you truly wish for them.

You can be exactly what you want to be.

In what ever you do in life!!! Always remember that you were made /created for a purpose and it must be achieved before anything else... Destiny works in ways we never expect it to be but it will surely and always be manifested...

  • don't let/allow anyone give you a different impression about yourself. 
  • what you see in the mirror is you.
  • if you dream big/wake-up and make it a reality.
  • a dream that doesn't scare you isn't a big dream, wake-up and sleep over again and dream big dreams.
Be good and do have a wonderful week ahead...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

3 Simple ways to control your emotions... ANGER.

How are you able to control your anger and things of the emotion that aren't on the good side with we humans?

Being able to control your anger is the main reason for this very post. It is weird and absurd to show your anger constantly so in the process of writing this, i hope we learn a few ways to control our anger, or to show your anger in ways that will be productive and not destructive.

Yes, we do get angry every now and then, but each time something bothers or pushes you to the edge of a situation isn't the right time to show your anger rather you have to channel it into a higher pursuit, don't let it eat and devour you so you come out being a success and a winner in the fight on ANGER.
3 simple ways to control your emotions

Remember that there is a wise saying thus {The best revenge or remedy for anger is success}.

Every human has his weakness and so does that same human have his or her strength so until you are able to channel it properly and utilize it for the very best of life so it counts more real.

How can you channel this in the right direction?

These  3 simple ways should serves as the very basic steps for every human to take in achieving a long lasting solution to the struggles in controlling your emotions, ANGER... it may work for some but not all yet i suggest you try them out and you will see great positives from this as it worked for a few friends of mine.

The first step to control your emotions (here we talking of anger) is to understand what lead to it.

The second step is to believe in yourself.

Now after you have understood where and what lead to it, believed in your ability to overcome it, the third step to follow is clear as you now do the both as one for self actualization... yes its time for you to implement these inner strength gotten from your anger and trust me when you do this a lot will be a success story for you because when you do this, you just got revenge on anger.

By implementing this, some say they WALK OUT OF THE AREA WHERE THE ANGER ISSUES STARTED, SOME SAY THEY LISTEN TO MUSIC, SOME SAY THEY READ THEIR HOLY SCRIPTURES, SO GET BUSY WITH THEIR PETS, SOME READ NOVELS, SOME GET INTO VARIOUS CHORES OR WORK... all to prevent themselves from doing anything harmful to themselves or people around them.

now take a look at this few mentioned above and you will see how positively and productive your anger has been channeled instead of it being one for destruction it now serves a purpose..

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Saturday, May 07, 2016

My Dog LOVE...

*Note: post made few months ago but decided to post now.*
lexhansplace n ruppy
I n Ruppy (Bull)
lexhansplace n dova
I n Dova (Cauc)
Ok, I decided to have a one time play with my friends dog... I love dogs a lot I sometimes want one but not at the moment though as I will prepare to have one when am fully ready to give it all the attention it needs to grow properly...

Two different breeds they are...
1. Caucasian/German-Shepherd
2. Bullmastiff
These are dogs I play with and spend some quality time with... 'don't forget they aren't mine' but sometimes the way I play with them, feed them, clean them up, you will conclude they are mine.. 

Anyways straight up to the post... I had a little fun-time with them and took some snaps and also a short video with them to share with all..

So tell me, what's your love for Dogs..

Share the love and tell me your take on Dogs..

*Note: the Bull-mastiff is dead... (R.I.P Ruppy)...

*Pictures and Video was taken using my BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone... *
*the Video will be up as soon as I set-up my youtube account...*


Masturbation is famously performed by for the most part men and a little rate of ladies. 

I should talk about on this point in view of the Medical, Physical and Mental information given to us by God. 


1.Masturbation facilitate pressure in both male and female.

2.Masturbation makes a male or female feel light.

3.Masturbation keep a fellow from being wiped out because of a lot of sperm store.

4.Masturbation assists in creating a nonexistent intimate picture in both male and female.

5.Masturbation decreases the rate of a male or female horny sentiments.

6.Masturbation keep a man from engaging in a lady intimately.

7.Masturbation fulfill both males and females orgies..

8.Masturbation decreases STD's.

9.Masturbation safeguard a virgin gentleman (in light of what a few individuals accepts).

10.Masturbation cools a stirred body.

11.Masturbation is the most ideal method for accumulation of sperm when a running a sperm number investigation. 


1.Masturbation is a genuine sin in the sacred book of scriptures.

2.Masturbation makes the penis or dick to get feeble when been utilized as a part of the body of a lady.

3.Masturbation makes a penis to grow an excess of vein along these lines making it ugly.

4.Masturbation reasons contamination's in females.

5.Masturbation debilitate the hormone mindful in delivering sperm.

6.Masturbation makes a man moan,suffer and starve for the genuine activity amid the time of stroking off.

7.It diminishes the time of discharge in men.

8.Masturbation debilitate the womb in females in this manner not empowering the womb to convey a youngster which prompts premature birth (unsuccessful labors more often than not).

9.It occasionally causes barrenness in ladies.

10.It reasons malignancy in ladies.

11.Masturbation can make a lady lose her virginity.

12.It can bring about sperm incapacity which prompts irregular kids (in less cases).

With this focuses I have made,I will take it that masturbation reasons mischief to a human body. So masturbation ought to be evaded with the exception of if to be utilized for therapeutic purposes.

Friday, May 06, 2016