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How to earn on Liftcareer... Nigerian Audience Only.

Usually i dont do this but i had to... They all seem to be the same though but this seems and feels best than others.

Why? You get paid faster than most others... 24-48hours from WHEN YOU ARE CONFIRMED

HOW IT WORKS is designed to carry every member along, both weak and strong (in terms of marketing/networking strength). Only Liftcareer’s registration referral link is adopted in the matrix arrangement/placement, thus enhancing the community to grow together and change lives collectively in a tree format.

Register with your full details as required in each field. After registration, your account is placed on trial membership.

Log into your personal office with your login details and upload your profile picture. Update your bank details. (WITHOUT THIS YOUR ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED)

You will be prompted to make a donation of NGN 5,000 to your assigned first upline, funds and evidence of payment must be sent to beneficiary within 48 hours for confirmation and approval.

After your donation has been approved, your membership automatically will be upgraded to 1 Star level member. All trail account members who fail to upgrade within 48 hours will be auto removed and other serious members will replace that slot.

After your 5 direct downline slots are filled up with 1 star level members, all other new members will be spilled over to your direct downline, making the new members as your downline level 2.

At 1 Star level membership, the system will automatically sponsor you with 5 direct downlines, each one of them who decide to participate will make a NGN 5,000 donation to you. So your earnings will be NGN 5,000 x 5 = NGN 25,000.

What next?
Take NGN 10,000 from your 1star level earning and make a donation to your 2nd level upline to qualify you take donations from your 2nd level downlines.

All of your level 2 downline, maximum 25 members will make donation NGN 10,000 directly to you when they upgrade to 2 Star. Your earnings will be 25 x NGN 10,000 = NGN 250,000.

Continue upgrade to higher level as multiple members register, to earn from more levels of downlines. You can upgrade up to 5 Star as maximum attainment.


Now there is something sweet about this one. It has a referral system i like so much...

You are given a referral link which earns you some extra money. Read below.

Referral bonus:
For each new member who joins with your referral link, you earn 20 percent of members’ registration donation amount (NGN1,000), but it should be noted that referred member may not be placed under the referrer, as the system arranges the matrix serially.

Accrued referral bonuses can be accessed [withdraw] once you earn up to N20,000. There is a visible counter on your personal office (Referral column) to view the number of members referred and corresponding reward alongside.

Below i shared a screenshot of the people that were paired to pay me the set some of 5,000,00 each.

Below is a collection of the payments received from 4 OUT OF THEM ALL, The last person says he will make payment by MONDAY....

What are you now waiting for..
Hurry and join with my link... If its not legit. I will not ask you to join...

Use my link below to register and lets meet at the other side.



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New Music Video #YouAreGreat By Eddie Charles

edie charles for lexhansplace
Inspirational music video 'You Are Great' by Eddie Charles. This New music video is the latest gospel single from Eddie Charles, meant to inspire, motivate and ignite worship in the heart of individuals. 'You are great' has a fusion of Hausa language in it (a language of the northern part of Nigeria).

Check Video ....

Eddie Charles is a pure breed in gospel music genre. listening to him you will agree he is not just a regular artiste but a music minister seeking to impact lives.

He is undoubtedly one of the fast rising gospel acts at the moment not because of his irresistible charming voice but because of his outstanding ability to minister, move and touch lives through his songs. He hails from Imo State but is resident in Jos, Plateau and has been into music for years mostly with trial albums.

Facebook @Eddie Charles
Instagram @iameddiecharles
Twitter @iameddiecharles

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Interview with Veethee Dixit of DaintyAngel...

Upclose and personal with beauty blogger Veethee Dixit of DaintAngel

Can my readers get the chance to know a little about you?.

Hello people! I am Veethee Dixit. I am from India. I fell in love with words since the time I entered my teenage. Beauty is my other obsession. So, these two passions combined made me a beauty blogger. I am an engineering student but by passion, I am a blogger. 

veethee dixit for lexhansplace 1
Veethee Dixit

Why did you choose blogging?

I have always been passionate about writing. I made my first blog just to preserve the work written by me. The idea of a Beauty blog was given to me by a friend and a mentor. He gave me a compliment regarding my looks and fashion sense and said that I should start a beauty blog, and I did! Before that I never realized that I was so passionate about this niche.

Whats your inspiration on blogging?

There is a lot of information I wanted to share with people out there and that information could have been really useful for most of them. Blogging was the best way to do this.

What content or niche do you blog on?

I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Although, right now most of the work on my blog is focused on beauty and Fashion.

In a few words. Describe your blog?

My blog is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle that focuses mostly on skin and hair care, makeup trends and other lifestyle aspects. It provides beauty tips and tricks that will help you achieve your desired look without spending a lot of time and money and save you your frequent trips to the salon. 

Whats the name of your blog?

Dainty Angel-
daintyangel for lexhansplace 1
daintyangel hompage

Surely your blog has social media platforms for people to interact with, can you list them out?

I am super active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also have a Facebook page for my blog with the same name. Here are the links to my various profiles-

veethee dixit for lexhansplace 2

In a few years, what do you expect of your blog?

At present, my blog is in the development phase but I am gonna make a huge transformation sometime soon. I’ll also add a relationship section for dating and parenting advice. I do expect it to be among top beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs. I really want people to be benefitted by my work. So, better stay tuned!

How much time do you commit to your blog?

At present, I update my blog weekly (2 posts per week). So I am a part time blogger. But I definitely aspire to be a full-time blogger in near future.

Would you encourage others to get a beauty blog?

If they are a passionate beauty freak, have a lot of beauty related information or tips and tricks to share, love to try out new beauty products and fashion accessories or at least interested in the field of beauty and fashion, then yes, I would definitely encourage others to start a beauty blog. 

Most beauty blogs have a mix of fashion posts or articles on fashion products, are we goin to see that soon on your blog?

Yes, definitely. In fact, I have already started to include fashion related posts on my blog. There are much more to come!
daintyangel for lexhansplace 2
other sections on the blog.

As a beauty blogger. How many beauty brands in your country or overseas have you worked with? Can you name a few if possible?

I haven't really worked with any brand, specifically as I mostly blog about beauty tips, tricks, hacks and skin care. Although, I have provided reviews for some products on my blog to help readers choose their products wisely.

Have you been to any beauty show or event for bloggers in your country?

None till now.

Apart from your country, what other country will you love to visit someday and why?

I would really like to visit the US. I live in a place where the society makes you follow certain rules and regulations. I have always heard that Americans live their life according to their own will and enjoy it with full freedom. Moreover, I have always wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Whats the engagement on beauty blogs like between the blog owner and the visitors/readers?

I engage with my readers mostly via discussions that take place in the comments section. They have other options to communicate with me as well, like my social profiles. 

To you is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Blogging started as a hobby, but now I monetize my blog with different advertising networks. So it’s a profession now!

Making money on blogs or passion for blogging. Which comes first to you?

Of course, passion for blogging comes first. Most people nowadays are stuck with a job they don’t wanna do. I consider myself lucky that I have the liberty to do what I love and enjoy the most!

Since you have been into blogging for a while. Whats your advice for newbies?

First and foremost, you have to be a frequent blog reader before you think about starting a blog. Never start a blog merely for the purpose of making easy money. Blogging is the right field for you only if you are passionate enough to carry out various tasks related to your blog. The title of a post should be such that it sparks an interest among the audience and make them wanna read more. Last, but not the least- Be patient. Don’t expect a blog to flourish overnight. It requires a lot of time, effort, and most importantly a passion for making a blog successful. Keep an optimistic approach and you are good to go!

Thank you for your time.

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Happy Birthday Dj Young

Big BIRTHDAY Shout-out to the 1 & only Turntable Scientist... Dj young

He is a Master in his ART, a Hustler and a Real G.

Have fun Bro and all the best as you celebrate next now and many more years ahead... LLNP ...

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People should know top 8 strong home remedies for whole life.

People should know top 8 strong home remedies for whole life.

While you may know that by consuming foods we get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed by our body, certain fruits and vegetables can boost your general health and alleviate most of minor health-related problems such as common cold, bee stings or a rash. Many people prefer home remedies to real medical care as they are usually safer and cheaper.  Every year thousands of people die because of medical negligence and other thousands who suffer from medical conditions as a result of medical adverse effects. Missing a dose in your regime for a health issue like hypertension or diabetes can lead to a serious problem but what would happen if you forget to take your natural herb or accidentally consume too much of it? Nothing serious would be noticed. They are literally food that we add to our normal diet so you don’t have to worry about its side effects.

8 strong home remedies for lexhansplace

Moreover, those home remedies are natural fruits and vegetable so they are much cheaper than medicine which needs to be synthesized plus doctor’s bill and health insurance. Though of course keep it mind that home remedies could not solve all your health problems especially for those who are severe or need surgical care. Otherwise, you can add top 8 following remedies to your house in case of necessaries.

1. Ginger
Ginger has been used by traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. It is considered to be one of the most popular home remedies because of its wonderful effect on human body.

First and foremost, ginger is helpful for your menstrual cramps. It acts by either improving your blood circulation or reducing inflammation in your muscles, especially in uterus cramp or relieving the menstruation related pain. A study reported in Journal of Alternative and Complementary shows that ginger was as strong as ibuprofen in killing the pain. So next time if you suffer from an unbearable menstrual cramp, make a cup of warm ginger tea and add some honey or sugar for better effect.
In addition, ginger is a potential ingredient to boost your overall health as it contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is effectively treating common cold or sore throat. You can simply add ginger to your daily meals or chew a slice of ginger or drink its tea and get benefits from it.

If you have a bad foot odor then ginger is an amazing solution for you. What you need to do is juicing a piece of ginger then adds them and a little salt to hot water tub. After that soak your feet in that water for at least 20 to 30 minutes before going to bed. You can also apply this method if you have cold feet during the winter time. It will work wonder.

2. Cucumber
Cucumber has been well-known and utilized for thousand years as it work wonder in your beauty care. Laying 2 slices of cold cucumber over your eyes is an age-old trick for reducing puffiness of your eyes. Since, 95% of cucumber is water, it brings a cooling sensation and helps to constrict your blood vessels around your eyes and reduce inflammation. So apply some cucumber slices over your eyes and leave it there for about 10 minutes. You’ll be amaze of your fresh looking eyes.  Recently, cucumber is also used as a detox to your body. Slice a cucumber and add them into a bottle. Pour water into that bottle and store it in a fridge for at least 4 to 5 hours before drink.

3. Apple
Apples contain a soluble fiber called pectin that is useful in absorbing stomach acid. Besides that, malic and tartaric acid in apples help to prevent any gastric fluid that goes up to your esophagus. That’s why apple is so great solution if you have a heartburn. Sweet apples work as alkaline foods that enable your cells to restore balance in your pH and prevent GERD consequently. So instead of taking foods rich in fat or soda, consume a slice of apple (preferable as it contains fiber) or its juice for a healthy stomach.

4. Turmeric
Turmeric is used wisely in India to prevent infections and heal small wounds. Turmeric has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin prevents bacterial multiplying so that you won’t get further infections as well as promote healing process. You can make a paste from a ½ teaspoon of turmeric and a drop of water. Apply this paste on your small cut or a superficial wound. In case of continuous bleeding, you can simply apply its powder on the affected area without water. Let it dry before dress your skin with a bandage.

5. Cranberries
Cranberries have a compound called proanthocyanidins that acts as a barrier to your urinary tract from bacteria. Remember that cranberries is only effective when you have no infection as it do not kill bacteria or prevent it multiplying but keep bacteria away from attaching your bladder walls. Consume a couple of glass containing 20% of cranberries juice as prevention for urinary tract infection recurrence.

6. Calcium-rich foods
If you are among 85% of women who experience at least one of the PMS symptoms such as mood swings, irritability during the menstruation every month then foods high in calcium is for you. It has been proven that PMS is associated with low level of blood calcium. That’s the reason why the National Institutes of Health has recommended that on average, adults should take 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. You can either take calcium supplement or consume calcium via fruits and vegetable like broccoli, almonds, sardines and leafy greens.

7. Sea salt
Another great home remedy is sea salt. It contains think grains that are helpful in clearing your dry skin. You don’t need to go to a luxurious spa or use an expensive product for your rough elbows and heels. Just mix a cup of sea salt with light massage oil into a paste form then scrub it over your skin. Do not apply this mixture on a more sensitive region, especially you face as it can damage your skin or cause irritation.

8. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is so popular and easy to find in your house but it’s more that just a breakfast food. Oatmeal contains a number of photochemical with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to soothe your irritated skin and treat the inflammation. Grind a third of plain oatmeal cup into fine powder. Then stir the powder in lukewarm bath with your bare hands evenly and soak your body in that water. You can also apply directly a mixture of oatmeal with water to your affected area to deal with eczema. Leave it there for 10 minutes before you rinse it off by warm water.

Jelly Jeff is a senior editor of AuthorityRemedies; that a website which is specialized in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings. She is a nurse but she keens to explore nutrition and fitness. In addition, she loves writing and doing research. She appreciates to be a good writer in nutrition.

jelly jeff for lexhansplace
Reach Jelly Jeff via FACEBOOK
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Guess who is back?


First of all i want to apologize for MIA for some time now & also for the delay in publishing new posts.

My laptop was actually bad and damaged so all this while i had to make do with my phone and tab...

guess who is back for lexhansplace
Sure you know how tough it can be to blog using just a phone and tab, right?

Not to worry. The stress and absence is over as i was lucky enough to get a new laptop and as such thigs are back to normal now. So expect the very best as usual from yours truly.

Its a new year and alot o new stuffs have been paked for you my wonderful visitors. As we going to be see alot more new stuffs.

Guest posts. Interviews. New Health posts. Lifestyle. Inspirational posts and a lot more.

Just sit back as usual and relax while i serve you better.

Yours Truly.
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7 Funny things about BLOGGING.

7 Funny things about Blogging.

This is a chellenge arrangement am partaking in from a gathering i have a place with on facebook.

Furthermore, the test was to compose a post of at least 500words on the theme 7 Funny things about ...... where you pick whatever and fill in the clear.

Here i have chosen to utilize BLOGGING as the word for my clear space.

As a matter of first importance. What is FUNNY?

From my search on Google here is what i got as an answer..

funny /ˈfʌni/ adjective

1. causing laughter or amusement; humorous.

2. difficult to explain or understand; strange or curious.

What's more, here are my thoughts on it.

1. Researcher/Analyst.

One thing i have invested significant time to see about blogging is the manner by which it efficiently transforms you into a very much settled analyst. You will ask me how and for what valid reason this is number one on my list and i will state to you. Each blogger dont simply turn out to make posts that dont add meaning to the perusers as we take our time to look into things from our usual ranges of familiarity and beyond to get actualities and genuine informations to share to our perusers. If i publish false information here, after reading you go away.

Right or Wrong?

2. Blogging take alot of your time.

Yes it takes alot of your time and trust me any blog that doesnt get the required time from its owner is on a par with a clear sheet. Why? You invest energy making new posts, new pictures, new subjects, new thoughts all to ensure your perusers dont get exhausted with boredome.

Right or Wrong?.

3. Opens you to new thoughts.

As a blogger its clever to state your cerebrum and brain turns into an entryway to new thoughts as you generally attempt to do something new and distinctive every time you choose to blog. A genuine blogger is constantly open to new thoughts and not rehashing same old traps. So yes our brains get presented to thoughts we never knew existed.

Right or Wrong?

4. Makes you an Educator.

Yes. I said this and nobody instructed me to. Why? As a blogger we attempt to dependably show individuals new things from our new thoughts. I can make a blog entry on a piece of my blog now (health for instance) and expound on cancer. In this manner, whoever peruses the post learns another thing and tries to pratice it to full use for good wellbeing. did i educate you on something here?

Right or Wrong?.

5. Associates you to new individuals and companions.

Yes am certain alot of individuals will citicise me for this part. i dont keep nor make companions rather colleagues, however the truth is this, as you blog around a certain niche or the other you get the opportunity to interface with new arrangements of individuals from all arround the world. I have associated with a couple of people in my adventure sofar. From here in Nigeria to USA to England to India to Philipines to China to Germany to Switzerland to give some examples of associations i have made through blogging. So obviously its interesting how blogging can truly link you with new people.

Right or Wrong?.

6. Makes you a BRAND.

Has it ever occured to you that your blog can make you as a man turn into a BRAND?. some Yes and some No.

Here is the thing. What you blog about (specialty/niche) stands you out from others and the greatest brands on the planet today are enormous in their specialty since they stick to it and made good work of strategizing ways to stand TALL Generally, pick your specialty, stay consistent with it and do your thing right and construct that BRAND individuals will pay special mind to.

Righ or Wrong?.

7. Profits.

Yes, alot of us know this while some of us don't. You can make money from blogging (satisfy that shouldnt be your only point and core interest). From Sponsored posts or Adverts to Direct deals to Affiliates to different cash making choices there is.

Right or Wrong?.

There you have it. 7 Funny things about BLOGGING
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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year !!!

This is wishing everyone all the goodness of life now and always.

Join me as we drive through this year with loads of INTERESTING posts.

Always remember to follow me on Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Google+. (Search for lexhansplace as username and we are good to go).

God bless.

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