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Cohabitation in our tertiary institutions. Updated.

cohabitation for lexhansplace
Couples today cohabit for numerous reasons, ranging from more time together, financial concerns, and fear of the commitment of marriage or fear of divorce. Others slip into it out of convenience, some want to test their compatibility, while still others are actively rebelling against their parents or ethical upbringing. *(crisismagazine)*

How good does it go for tertiary institutions.

Students are sent to the university to learn and make the best of their Education but when the aim turns negative, what do you get in return.

Someone once said a few of these (They wine and dine together, They read and study together, Th3y do basicaly everything together)

Where are the moral values of our youth?

Is this monster called Cohabitation morally right or wrong?

Do we seat back and watch this ugly trend or norms sweep up our youth?

These are a few questions that came up on a discussion board.

A few of these students are likely going to encounter the following in such situations but at the same time I will like to add, if priorities are set right, they should have no problems or negatives to cohabiting.

Domestic violence is set to be a part of such cohabitation. You ask me why? I will tell you.

Knowing how our youth fall prey to emotions and its ups n downs, there is every chance that at one point or the other one may offend the other be it by word's or actions and they wil go straight to taking law's into their hands to violence and not dialogue as clearly majority of them are young and not well taken on the need to allow dialogue to solve a difference.

Psycological Trauma, without saying much in this one in particular, take a leaf from the violence one suffers and come to terms with the trauma that comes with it.

Unwanted Pregnancy. So long they cohabit, they are bound to get intimate time and again, and a lot of them are not well educated on the goods and bads that comes with s3x, at the end some get pregnant as proper s3xual knowledge wasnt given (females).

STD's. Without the knowledge, you can't known how to protect yourself, you cant know who or how to know the infected persons so diseases and infections come into play and a lot of damages comes with this.

Low Academic performances.  Male and Female students that engages in 'Cohabitation' wrongly find it difficult combining studies and other activities perfectly as clearly the above effect creates room for a lot of distraction which in turn brings the low grades and weak academic performance.

Now the big questios are.

1. Is it right or wrong?

2. How can one balance between this? As clearly you can't stop a male and his female friend (lover) from dating.

Please join the discussion and drop those comments in the section below.
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Food for thought...

Something for the weekend for all to digest.

Clearly these are images from a few posts on this blog. Spill it off an speak on them. Do they inspire you?
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get rid of all unwanted Cholesterol in your body

Rid yourself off CHOLESTEROL.

Have you ever wondered why you have so much cholesterol in your body system?

Have you wondered why you have done everything possible to get those workout and routines to get rid of the cholesterol yet they dont seem to be helping?

First-class methods To preclude And treat excessive cholesterol

what's cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance that is very similar to wax in appearance and texture and it's placed in the entire cells of the human body. Good cholesterol is needed for the body to operate competently and the physique makes the entire required cholesterol that it needs. It is used for making hormones supplies that aid you digest food accurately and for nutrition. cholesterol can be observed in lots of fatty meals and as a result some men and women endure from a excessive danger situation referred to as excessive ldl cholesterol.

LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein and is the "dangerous" kind that causes coronary heart ailment.

HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein and is the "excellent" kind.

An excessive amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood will also be quite critical and may lead to cardiovascular ailment. One of the vital issues is that high blood ldl cholesterol does now not intent any symptoms by itself, which is why numerous humans are blind to their condition. To be able to notice excessive ldl cholesterol a blood experiment is required that can be ordered by using your medical professional or nurse practitioner.

High cholesterol information consistent with the facilities for sickness manage:

people who have high ldl cholesterol are 2 occasions more at chance for coronary heart disease, which is the main rationale of demise in the united states.

Pleasant methods to avert excessive cholesterol:

There are quite a few things that each individual can do to scale back and restrict excessive cholesterol. This text will evaluation a few of these ways, and what eating regimen and subculture changes are vital to hinder high ldl cholesterol to begin with.

If you are an obese or chubby individual then dropping extra weight is a great way to hinder and curb high blood ldl cholesterol. Losing anywhere from 5-7% of your body weight is ample to see tremendous exchange for the easier. The first-rate strategy to drop extra pounds is to focal point on meals which might be low in calories, reminiscent of, fruits and veggies and also by means of growing physical exercise.

One more technique to preclude excessive cholesterol is to drink somewhat little bit of purple wine when having dinner. Wine helps to increase the phases of HDL cholesterol (the good variety) and this in turn helps to diminish LDL ldl cholesterol (the dangerous style). When HDL cholesterol travels within the blood stream it picks up LDL ldl cholesterol and includes it to your liver the place it's excreted from the body.

Eating oatmeal for breakfast. According to the Mayo clinic, the high quantity of soluble fiber in oatmeal reduces the amount of cholesterol the body is capable to soak up. It's advocated that one consume 25-35 grams of soluble fiber day-to-day to have a positive outcomes.
While tea has turn out to be well identified for its melanoma-fighting antioxidants, it is also a first-class safeguard in opposition to LDL ldl cholesterol levels. In keeping with research carried out with the USDA, black tea has been proven to lower blood lipids with the aid of up to 10% in just a few weeks. Tea might also aid lessen the risk of coronary coronary heart sickness.

Read also: Onions does more to us in good ways than we know.

Drink inexperienced tea for a more healthy alternative to sodas and sugary drinks. Study in each animals and humans has proven that green tea involves compounds that may help decrease LDL ldl cholesterol. When you are not able to in finding the time to revel in a cup of green tea then are attempting inexperienced tea extract drugs as a substitute.

Men who almost always drink green tea have a slash stage of blood ldl cholesterol then guys who don't consistent with the college of Maryland clinical middle. It has been determined that Polyphenols in inexperienced tea could have the potential to block cholesterol from forming. It's pleasant to enjoy green tea in pure kind, without delivered sugar or artificial flavoring. Brew it at residence and enjoy with mint leaves, lemon and lime juice.

In case your purpose is to prevent or stop excessive blood cholesterol (LDL) then saturated fats isn't your friend, and so your consumption have to be saved to a minimal. Many animal merchandise, reminiscent of crimson meat, cheese and entire milk are the fundamental sources of saturated fat. It's advocated that saturated fat account for best 7% of your daily calorie intake.

So, for those who consume purple meat customarily then you definitely have got to replace it with soy protein products, lean proteins, like bird and turkey, broiled or baked fish. If you have been diagnosed with excessive ldl cholesterol then seek the recommendation of your surgeon as to your consumption of saturated fats merchandise.

Ordinary pastime is an extra excellent method to restrict this excessive threat condition. Aerobics, strolling and walking are all strong workouts to develop the phases of fine ldl cholesterol and consequently slash the unhealthy. 30 minutes a day is ample to have a constructive influence. In case you are out of shape then which you could begin with three 10 minute sessions daily and work your method up to a full half-hour.


I recommend adults get a blood test for ldl cholesterol by means of their general practitioner each five years. This is the one approach to understand whether or not you're affected or no longer and in this case talents is half of the fight.

In case you are diagnosed, then it is quite fundamental that you simply follow your health care professional's orders and the approaches provided above to get it under control. Lowering your ldl cholesterol can lower your risk of getting a coronary heart attack that can lead to untimely dying, and the need for skip surgery or angioplasty. Additionally, the excellent news is that it's under no circumstances too late to make a transformation and there are many approaches to lower cholesterol phases.
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Stop nursing those excuses and be real.

Stop nursing those excuses and be real.

How oftentimes do you discover yourself rationalizing instead of accomplishing one thing, you think that of approaches to clarify your inaction. Pardon me, producers are ordinarily seen as frail, languorous or timid.

I trust this can be associate in nursing out of line speculation.

We all rationalize currently and once more. In some cases we have a tendency to rationalize and totally different times we have a tendency to quit excusing and create a move. I am bound the bigger a part of us all in our society will recall times after we procrastinated and lost days before starting a task. I am in addition bound the overwhelming majority folks will recall times we have a tendency to began promptly, and completed before of calendar.

The contrasts between these 2 cases may well be portrayed as a distinction of resolve. Once you procrastinated, you required self management. In any case, that won't helpful. Within the event that self discipline is outside your immediate management, then guaranteeing resolve as a solution is not planning to work.

Rather, i trust that the response to quit rationalizing untruths has 2 stages:

Arranging your desires.

Breaking intensive, uncomfortable strides into affordable items.

Sorting out your priorities

Furthermore essential to you at this moment? Growing your accounts? Succeeding scholastically? Enhancing the character of your connections? Reason creating is that the consequence of incompatible desires. Once you haven't got a framework for deciding, the inclination is to easily run with no matter feels best within the occasion.

You can clear this up by characterizing what your desires ar. The explanation for existing is to assist once one occasion clashes with another. Within the event that you simply ought to choose taking an attempt at a college venture or going out on the city, you've got to require a goose at your desires. That positions higher? Connections or intellectual accomplishment.

Needs clears up the need for reason creating, since it improves selections with incompatible qualities.

With desires it is vital to characterize your real center and minor core interests. An interesting center have to be compelled to get the advantage of any further thought you wish to dedicate thereto. Minor centers should not be deserted, but you'll most likely place them on autopilot thus most your mental energies ar committed to your real core interest.

To give a case, my real concentrate at this point is that this business. Shortly ago i understood that on the off likelihood that i place a focused travail, i might tip the slide to wherever this business might bolster main full-time . I am close to there currently, however not specifically over the road.

My minor centers ar my prosperity, connections, social life, toastmasters and faculty. These minor centers continue being taken an attempt at whereas i enhance my wage. Yet, most my mental thought goes into ways that i will grow this web site and provide additional esteem.

Part your desires into a solitary vital center and a couple of minor centers makes it so much more durable to place out reasons. At no matter purpose a rivalry emerges wherever i'ld commonly provide a reason, i will basically place confidence in my desires. At the purpose once desires are clear, it's onerous to legitimatize retreating from them.

Separating discomfort

Stirred up desires are simply a bit of reason creating. Disposition to venture into uncomfortable circumstances is another. Accomplishment in any travail needs going for stony-broke and effort disappointment. Turning into associate in nursing awing open speaker needs you arise before a serious cluster of onlookers associate in nursing conceivably convey an unpleasant discourse.

The issue is that the purpose at that your desires direct you've got to require a serious step, and you cannot have a go at it. This might mean desirous to enhance your business, but not being willing to form frosty calls or advertising your item.

What results is reason creating. You discover less rigorous undertakings to try to to and pardon your trifling. Support away the inclination that you simply do not feel nice going ahead.

The fix here is to separate uncomfortable steps. Apathy is just an added look of apprehension. Thus on the off likelihood that you simply cannot create the subsequent stride, break it into littler elements you'll be able to influence. Within the event that you simply cannot arise before of associate in nursing audience to speak, take a stab at conveyance your discourse before one or two of companions. On the off likelihood that you simply cannot create associate in nursing icy decision, have a go at career someone you actually recognize.

Now and once more, be that because it might, a stage cannot be separated. You either ought to face it whole or not in any manner. In these circumstances you've got to urge influence on yourself. Create associate in nursing open responsibility. Any of those strides can work.

Whenever you discover yourself concocting a rationalization, raise yourself? Will this work inside my needs? Within the event that it does not regardless you discover yourself rationalizing inquire on whether or not there's any approach you may inspire yourself through the subsequent step.

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Lets eat natural and organic.

Eat natural and organic.

Nature is how God the almighty created the world to feed and live. And a man's feeding pattern says a lot about how he or she will stay all through life, {when you feed properly and organic you live well and illness free, but if otherwise , you will keep having a reason or two to visit up for medications.}

But here we are feeding on meals that are not so organic to our body systems but rather they are sweet for the tongue to taste or just for the sake of feeding.

God, the producer, made an enormous blended sack of staple merchandise as regular items, vegetables, animals, and herbs. I am basically beginning this meal pattern so I have no idea around an extensive measure yet, be that as it may I enhance and look better.
I also assume that all this was put with every vital kind of medicine on the earth through vegetation. I don't prescribe that anyone quit taking their usual food and snacks which give them joy and also their own desired satisfaction when they are done with such, I basically recommend that we shouldn't bounce to the built without offering thought to the basic which in this case is Organic feeding.

There are various, various destinations committed to educating the customer on the advantages of using standard "nature and organic" for sustenance, patching, and despite cleaning. There are in like manner entire grocery store chains focused on offering the buyer normal sustenance, likewise the acclaim of farmers markets. Various restaurant systems are moreover offering sound sustenance choices. Very much a couple of years earlier, eating sound was hard to do, however as the people ends up being all the more well-being conscious, the business focus is beginning to offer all the more well-being neighborly choices. In this article, I have to give you two or three ways in which i have will help you to begin the voyage to a more valuable you.

The few i will list out are just the usual and normal things we come across everyday of our lives yet we disregard the importance it plays in our body systems, so please take note as to what you need, your body needs and why you need it cautiously.
Water: why i mentioned water as the very first thing here is because its abundant in quantity and its free of charge as God made this so for man's use and consumption, so why shouldn't we have enough water daily ? there is no over dosage of and as to how one takes water in this world, and its something that you get without the need for all the other artificial contents made into the usual drinks you come across on the counter and store around you.

Now, I know you have heard over and over how basic water is to your body system's total function and well-being. A large number individuals don't want to drink essentially water. Have a go at including a cut of lemon, lime, or orange to your water, as this also makes it more nourishing with the added natural flavors and nutrients, make sure to use an inconsequential total to not add extra chemicals and sugar to your body. Make a go at drinking water at room temperature or greatly chilly until you find a way you like it best. How much water would it be a smart thought for you to drink? like i said earlier there is no over dosage, so long as you only drink it when you thirst, or when you have a solid meal that requires water for proper digestion. Water is the central purpose that keeps your cells and organs perky. Your skin will love it too.

Needed Vitamins and Minerals: Do your best to stay away from all the over processed meals you see out there especially things that land in a carton. Notwithstanding the way that these things can be invaluable, they are not high in wholesome quality. Come back to cooking certified meals: normal items, vegetables, slant meats, and whole grains. Essential need chains, for instance, Whole Foods and Fresh Market are remarkable spots to purchase common sustenance. Buy fresh agricultural produce from the fresh markets around you. There are even on-line stores where one can order for these items and have them delivered to your doorsteps for a week or even more depending on your requirements and needs. You select your meals and the fixings are sent to you. You ought to just take after the recipes.
Oils: Essential Oils are the latest miracle to hit the well-being gathering. Different destinations can demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to use these oils. They can be joined with the skin direct, ingested, and added to your shower and also not forgetting that they are well needed in your cookings also.
I watch that a Lavender and Epsom salts shower loosens up and cajoles toxic substances out of the body. Peppermint oil rubbed into your havens and on the neck's back decreases cerebral torments. Ingesting a drop of Peppermint oil mixed with a glass of water can straightforwardness stomach torment. I starting late got a dreadful sunburn and treated it first with Apple Cider Vinegar which took out the sting. By then I mixed coconut oil with several drops of lavender. Goodness! It really had any sort of impact. There are various uses for individual oils and also recipes for different oils. you just need to inquiry them out. dont forget that along with your usual class of food, fats and oil comes into play as the human body needs oil to play its role on heat and other purposes.

Water, Essential Vitamins, Oils and lastly a general combination of all these can help a human live a very healthy life and stay free of illness that sometimes comes as a result of over reliance on the processed meals which are done with the use of various chemical substances.

Do well to add yours if in any chance there are more organic methods of living that i missed here.
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A grandfathers's decision for change.

Decision for change.

A Grandfather - To the world this man is that very good man who lives to see his children give birth to a new generation on in-which he witnesses, he is seen as a very good man, with no stain or errors... i say no to this as there are various reasons as to why mankind lives on this very earth and as such we humans behave and react differently.

a grandfather's decision to chsnge

In this very post of mine here on this very blog {lexhansplace},i have decided to take out time to share a an inspiring set of story and advice for all granddads and intending granddads, and also for all of mankind to see beyond the tunnel and also believe that a man's past is his past but can only build the foot step for his better future.

See all messages in here as informative and motivational as they are well written to address the mindset we humans have on some of our granddads ways of live owing to the thought and believe that when they go bad they don't change.

He is an awesome humankind and chivalrous and a genuine delight to be around. He is, all things considered, the picture's embodiment of a granddad. He would play with his grandchildren, would do a wide range of amusing things that did not appear to trouble a man like the teacup gatherings, or playing on the floor.

Yet, he lived with second thoughts from years before that continued frequenting him again and again.

I didn't know anything about his second thoughts as a kid for those sorts of things are far outside the vision of a youthful kid as myself or even other kids when in company of their grandfathers.

His past long lasting before I came to know him as a granddad was loaded with episodes of strength and vigor to the point where he turned into a very cheerful and generous man to the whole community. As I came to know, he lamented of a previous way of life he once lived, a way of life that dismissed his wife and and friends. Thankfully, he did change and turned into a good man before more damages were made. In any case, he generally felt lament for his years of wrong doings.

Pointings to our wrong pasts.

We all have committed errors in the past - nobody is conceived or lives as a holy person from birth all through his or her life. The distinction among individuals with second thoughts is the manner by which genuine these transgressions were, as well as what has been done subsequent to recuperate or change, and to push ahead with another energy about existence and all it gives.

Regrets is something i'ld say we all as human beings have them. If we hadn't occupied with a sure conduct, or if we hadn't lead a good manner of life, or, if we hadn't been so soon to jump into conclusions.

IF is one word that have reverberated all through time however it remains a word that, generally, can be swung to a more constructive perspective, a more constructive way of life, or a more benevolent and grateful individual. On account of my granddad, as I became more seasoned and could see more about existence, I had a short discussion about his second thoughts as a result of his wrong doings way back in the past.

Our Discussions thus were worth it as i had the opportunity to learn a few tricks from him in response to being a good man as his second life was or became.

As I began to chat with him, I said the amount he intended to me - his generosity, his capacity to make life's occasions somewhat less discriminating, and his fast mind and irresistible snicker. I let him know he was no more as was he - he had improved, and changed.

I didn't appear to traverse to him at first, so I proceeded to say this to him as i felt the need to make him see reasosn that his new life was way better than the past one and that he didnt need to blame himself for any problems what soever. theses were the exact words "Grandpa, I can just let you know that blame without regret isn't right, yet to convey blame after you have changed and turned into a vastly improved individual, is to live previously."

We can't change the past - the past is history. It doesn't mean we ought to simply shrug our shoulders about out past and dwell in them. It does mean, in any case, that we perceive that not just are our previous lifestyles were wrong before our eyes and that of the society, yet that our new self and its related practices is the manner by which we live now and into what's to come for all and for mankind.

To live with misgiving is to be buried in the past and a past that can't be changed in at any rate regardless.

Yet regardless of the amount you may imagine that relating issues that have brought about you issues throughout the most recent couple of years, it won't help you to move towards making a superior and new life.

What now?

The path forward starting now and into the foreseeable future is to begin taking a gander at yourself nearly to choose what you need to be, what you need your life to remain for. Your perspective of what it is you longing to be similar to is the same as making a guide to take after. Without knowing where you need to go, you will wind up no place.


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Monday, August 22, 2016

Face of Hygiene Africa goes on a Hygiene Lecture.

In preaching the WORD on HYGIENE. Face of Hygiene Africa took time out to visit the Nigerian Security & Civil Defense Corps in Joju, Sango-Ota along with a visit to Eminence Academy in the same area.

The Producer of the Beauty Pageant *Miss Ibeneme Princess* who represented the FOHA team took time out to lecture the Corps members and pupils of the academy on the need for Hygiene.

Warm welcome they received at the defense corps as the lecture was a success.

Welcomed by the owner of the Academy. Mr. Yusuf (Eminence). The people came out en'mass to participate and learn from the lecture...amids the rainy weather.

Below are pictures from the visit.


Follow Face of Hygiene Africa on TWITTER FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM DON'T forget to visit the FOHA Website for more info by clicking HERE

And dont forget to go get your forms for the Pageantry...
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Birthday T.I

A Big Birthday Shout-out goes to you T.I.

t.i for lexhansplace1
May today bring you Success, Favour, Wisdom, more blessings and God's Divine Protection... Amen.

t.i for lexhansplace
Enjoy your day and do enough SHAKARA.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which has an outstanding reputation for showing the best films from around the world, announced yesterday its selection of the captivating movie 93 Days for this year’s screening.

The highly anticipated premiere of 93 Days will take place at the TIFF on Friday, September 9th, 2016 at 9.30PM at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

93 Days has been labelled as one of the most important movies to come out of Nigeria. The true-life movie details the Ebola epidemic in Nigeria, which had the entire nation at a standstill.

The movie gives a true account of how Nigeria was faced with the first case of the Ebola Virus and the victory the country achieved when the disease was eradicated after 93 Days.

Ebola found its way to Nigeria when American-Liberian, Patrick Sawyer (Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey) collapsed at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos and was rushed to First Consultant Hospital for exhibiting symptoms of fever. After careful observation, the team at First Consultant Hospital led by Dr Ameyo Adadevoh (Bimbo Akintola) believed Mr Sawyer’s illness was more severe than fever and not long enough; he was diagnosed with the Ebola Virus Disease. Then, the journey began on how to control the spread of the life-threatening virus that could result into a national outbreak.

“93 Days is a masterfully crafted incredible story of bravery and sacrifice and is definitely a must see. It showcases the best of Nigeria, it’s powerful, gripping and an emotive piece. I am proud. “ – Bolanle Austen Peters, Producer, 93 Days

The suspense filled thriller directed by award-winning movie director, Steve Gukas features the best of international and African movie acts such as TIFF rising star, Somkele Iyamah Idhalama, Danny Glover, Tim Reid, Alastair Mackenzie, Bimbo Akintola, Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey, Bimbo Manuel, Charles Okafor, Tina Mba, Gideon Okeke, Paul Adams, Francis Onwochei amongst others.

93 Days is a powerful movie that details defeat, triumph, heroism and a country’s determination to protect its people. With the expertise of talented producers, cast and crew, Nigeria tells its own story through film.

The film was produced by Steve Gukas, Pemon Rami, Bolanle Austen-Peters and Dotun Olakunri.


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To meaningfully engage children and young adults during this long holiday, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is organising a week-long holiday program for age 11 to 18 years. TaggedSkillz Holiday Camp , the annual, youth-targeted event which is in its 4th year focuses on educating young people about prevention of endemic diseases such as Malaria and HIV, as well as empowering them with knowledge on healthy habits and life management skills using the convening power of football and other physical activities in a safe, fun, non-discriminatory and interactive environment. Generously sponsored by ExxonMobil and M.A.C AIDS Fund, the summer camp which was flagged off on Monday August 1, 2016 at 4 locations in Lagos will also take place in Ogun and Akwa Ibom States from August 8th to September 2nd.

In a statement made available to the press on the need for such a summer program, Anu Ishola, YEDI’s Executive Director stressed the importance of positively engaging young people during long holidays.aims at engaging young people during the long holiday, a period where youths are most vulnerable, have a lot of idle time and are exposed to negative peer pressure that increases the likelihood of engaging in risky activities. This year, we are targeting 4,000 young people in Lagos, Ogun and Akwa Ibom,” she noted while thanking the sponsors and volunteers for supporting a program that makes the holiday period a memorable one for young people.

According to the statement, the camp runs for 8hours per day over five days and participants will experience a series of exciting activities that will engage them for the whole day which will be handled by trained volunteers who will serve as coaches. Some of the activities include registration, orientation and physical exercises (where all participants partake in morning exercises and be briefed on the day's activities); breakfast (they are all given a well nourishing breakfast in preparation for the day's activities); Lunch (they are treated to a healthy meal with water); Bed-net demonstration (they are taught the importance of Long Lasting Insecticidal Net and how best to use it); Talent Hunt and exhibition (they are given an opportunity to showcase and hone their skills); Quiz competition (they will take part in some brain exercises to improve their knowledge); and several other activities.


Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative, principal host of the Skillz Holiday Camp, is a Nigerian NGO committed to introducing effective and innovative approaches aimed at mobilizing, educating, empowering and inspiring young people and communities in Nigeria. Through its various programs, YEDI equips young people with basic and relevant life-coping skills, and provides them a platform to have important discussions about life, take guided steps to achieve their goals, stay strong when faced with challenges, and protect themselves and others from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria. With support from its sponsors and partners, YEDI has empowered more than 60,000 children in over 400 project sites and schools in Lagos, Akwa Ibom and Ogun States with plans to extend operations to Abuja and Rivers State. Thanks to its funders and partners, YEDI has empowered over 8,000 young people since 2013 with the Skillz Holiday Camp platform. More information is available at
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We need Volunteers... Face of Hygiene Africa.

‎Do you love Hygiene ? Are you passionate about it and want to make a difference?

Are you a Doctor, Nurse, Fitness-Instructor, Photographer, Camera-man, Media-Person, Makeup-Artist, Costumier, Hair-Stylist, Chaperon, Dancer, Comedian , Musician, Hotelier, Caterer e.t.c.

face of hygiene africa for lexhansplace
Photo Credit: Face of Hygiene Africa

[FACE OF HYGIENE AFRICA] needs selfless volunteers for the upcoming edition and various Hygiene projects.

we need volunteers for lexhansplace
Photo Credit: Google

We need you, please be a part of this life changing project...


Do you wish to volunteer? Or need more information and means of contact please call on these numbers below. +2348068104713 & +2348063216518.

#Hygiene #FOHA #FaceofHygieneAfrica #Cleanlife #Healthyliving #Beautypageant.
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